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Find out more about the key figures behind Traveazy
Mohammed M.S Bin MahfouzCo-founder & Chief Executive Officer of Umrahme

Mohammed M.S BinMahfouz is the founder and CEO of Umrahme. He has been instrumental in adding the unique Umrah service to the flourishing online holidays, flights and hotels business of holidayme. With more than 23 years of experience spanning across domains like Hajj & Umrah, Travels & Tours, Hospitality, IT and Banking, Mohammed is well-known for his management & team-building skills and ability to incorporate innovative management techniques and automation process that have led to enhanced business practices, and increased productivity.

Mohammed started his career in 1996 managing “Mahfouz Travels & Tourism Co.” and “Mahfouz Aviation Co.” which has several locations in ME. In 2005 , he moved to the National Commercial Bank, Saudi Arabia as the product manager of e-commerce business , established the department and achieved its objectives which led to promoting him as the VP – Head of Payment Operations (bank-wide). In 2013 , he joined Elaf Group as VP – Travel & Tours and Hajj & Umrah.

Geet BhallaCo Founder & Group CEO

Geet has worked in the finance and banking technology for over 15 years in building enterprise sales and marketing structures across the Middle East. He has worked with large multinationals throughout his career and has established excellent business connections. He also enjoys reading and exploring the potential of new technologies. He draws from this wide-ranging experience as he focuses on building holidayme as the leading brand of choice across the Middle East and South East Asia for personalized holiday travel for customers of the region.

An avid traveler, Geet has been to more than 70 countries. His extensive travel experience and business acumen led Geet to identify the immense opportunity that existed in outbound online travel. He then set out with the vision to create a simplified platform that would enable travelers to plan and book a complete holiday experience in just a few clicks.

Geet holds a Master’s in Business Administration from Symbiosis University, Pune and has completed Owner President Management program at Harvard Business School in 2023. He is also a member of the Young Presidents Organization, UAE and provides services as the Forum chair for the chapter.

Rajat PanwarCo-founder & Chief Technology Officer

Rajat is the CTO of Traveazy Group, a versatile professional embodying the roles of an architect, programmer, executive, mentor, and entrepreneur.

Rajat’s passion lies in crafting scalable technological solutions while nurturing and inspiring his teams. Unafraid of experimentation, he fearlessly tests new technologies and architectures on live workloads, often translating into valuable lessons that have paved innovative pathways for the business.

Rajat’s enthusiasm is ignited by MongoDB and Redis databases, which have been his playground since 2013, driving production workloads. His expertise in NoSQL data modeling and architecting high-performance databases is unparalleled.

Since Traveazy’s inception in 2013, Rajat has been an integral part of the journey, leading engineering and R&D. His visionary leadership has brought concepts like serverless, microservices, and distributed logging to life at scale. The realization of a dream into a tangible reality is a sentiment beyond words – Traveazy holds that special place for Rajat as his brainchild and pride!

Manvendra RoyCo Founder & Chief Commercial Officer

Manvendra Roy, our Chief Commercial Officer, boasts two decades of expertise in Online Revenue & Traffic generation, Product Management, Supplier Relationships, Affiliate Marketing, and Strategic Partnerships. His career spans B2B and B2C digital business, showcasing deep knowledge in e-commerce, technical innovation, and impactful collaborations.

Notably, Manvendra played a key role in enhancing Holidayme’s platform, engineering the dynamic packaging engine and Flight API. His strategic mindset and collaborative approach forged impactful partnerships, elevating the brand’s presence through co-op marketing campaigns with Tourism Boards.

As a visionary leader, Manvendra introduced a groundbreaking travel distribution platform, showcasing his ability to drive complex projects and foster valuable business relationships. Beyond commercial leadership, he excels in managing product portfolios, optimizing processes, and leveraging analytical acumen for business strategies. Manvendra, an IIM Calcutta alumnus, stands out for his transformative impact and strategic leadership.

Mohan GopalChief Product Officer

Mohan, a driving force behind our growth and innovation, brings over 18 years of travel domain expertise, excelling in product development, market research, and project management. His track record includes successful development of B2B and B2C travel booking applications, dynamic packaging solutions, and seamless API integrations for flights, hotels, tours, and travel insurance.

In previous roles, Mohan demonstrated a keen understanding of travel agency operations, offline bookings, and comprehensive customer support processes, adding unique value. His ability to take e-commerce platforms from ideation to growth and ensure market readiness positions him as a valuable asset. Associated with industry leaders like Wego and Goquo, Mohan spearheaded the creation of tours and activities platforms and orchestrated the development and launch of various web and app platforms. Holding an MBA from Madras University, Mohan, currently based in Malaysia, is poised to leverage his expertise in positioning us as an early market leader.

Megha BhallaChief People Officer

Megha Bhalla is part of the founding team of Traveazy, from it’s holidayme days and has been with the organization since its inception. As with any start-up, she wears multiple hats and is responsible for its corporate structuring, People & Culture. Her prime responsibility is to ensure the smooth functioning of all locations through the establishment of legal entities, ensuring local compliance, and building up policies and processes.

Megha comes with over 20 years of experience in the Middle East of which 14 years were in the banking industry with organizations like Barclays and Citibank. Having been associated with international organizations for majority of her career, she aspires to create a similar standard of work culture at Traveazy.

Megha has completed her Engineering in Computer Science and has an MBA specializing in International Trade. She is also an ICF-accredited certified coach.